As a doula I love listening to you/your partner talk about what you want for birthing your baby.

You are in control and I will follow your lead. I promise to support you.

During your pregnancy I will enjoy getting to get to know you, providing you with information about labour and discuss your preferences and options.  My aim is to create a comfortable environment with an individual and tailored individual package especially for you.   When your labour starts I’ll accompany you when you want me to. I will be there to help any birthing partner too, so we can work as a team to give you the space, confidence and encouragement you need throughout your labour. Once your baby is born I can support you to feed your baby and offer guidance on different techniques that are required for the way you decide.

I promise to be honest and open and have integrity throughout our relationship offering continuity throughout. I genuinely care for you and will always have you and your baby’s interest at the forefront of the support I offer you. All the information and thoughts you share with me will be private and I will not discuss them with anyone else without your knowledge. I will continue to encourage you to birth your chosen way, giving you the empowerment to make informed choices and follow your own instincts. I will nurture you and your birthing partner, to give you control in a safe atmosphere at all times in whatever environment you choose to birth in.

Birth Package

  • A minimum of 2 x Antenatal Visits (will do more, if required/wanted)
  • On-call 24/7 between 37-42 weeks
  • Physical and emotional Birth Support throughout labour
  • Breastfeeding Support should you choose to feed this way
  • 1 x Postnatal Visit
  • Phone and email support throughout pregnancy and up to 6 weeks postnatally
  • Evidenced based research to explore your choices and preferences
  • Access to my library of books and DVDs

Optional Additions

  • The Wise Hippo Hypnobirthing programme (Additional Charge)
  • I can take photos of your baby and of the labour
  • Labour timeline
  • Support processing birth experiences
  • Access to a local community of mothers
  • Social media support group of other mothers